New Album – God only Knows – A message…

Hello there!

I hope everyone is keeping well! We’ve all been through a tough year. No live music, no dancing, people missing their loved ones. Hopefully though we’re turning a corner and things are looking good for next year, please God!

During the lockdown I decided to tackle something I have never achieved! To record a CD of inspirational songs featuring two original songs ‘God only knows’ (written by James McGarrity) and ‘Under the eagles eye’ (co-written by my good friend Tom Holland and I). The album also includes ‘Our Lady of Knock’,’How great thou art’,’A little peace’.

You can read the full track listing and buy the CD on my online shop . See many of my previous CD and DVD recordings also. Including ‘My Pride of Ireland’, released just last year in 2019.

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New Album – God only Knows

I am releasing my latest album in the coming weeks – ‘ God only Knows’.

I chose these 14 songs during the Covid-19 lockdown. I really hope you enjoy the selection. A special word of thanks goes to my good friend Stephen Smyth for all of his help with the CD.

In support of the local Mayo/Roscommon Hospice fundraising drive, I am delighted to be donating all the early release copies of my album to the hospice. These will be marked: “All the proceeds of this copy is for the Mayo/Roscommon hospice”.

The album ‘God only Knows’ is now available from the Mayo Roscommon Hospice online shop.

It will then be available on my store from December 1st onwards.

I hope you are all well.